Partners Coaching Co-Razón

Relationship / Partner Coaching

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (The Little Prince).

Coaching Co-Razón in its relationship / partner area offers a service focused on the vital importance of establishing and agreeing of a common life project. Our idea resides un generating a space for expression, where each member can share their needs, wishes, dreams, hopes and feelings.

With the main aim to improve the quality of the relationship, enabling relating from Co-Razón to CoRazón, we work:

Individual values and the common life project to attain a better self-knowledge of the members and their present situation, know who they are, beyond their roles, behaviour or set behaviour they may have.

Analyse the vital moment they are in, detect what the couple wants and needs (sharing views on their most immediate needs), what goals they decide to set for the medium and long term, giving priority to what is really important for them, leaving the unnecessary to one side, so that they can begin to take action based on consensus and agreement.

Reflection on the inter-relationship rules set by the couple: which generate conflict and which promote a good functioning.

Define expectations and common goals.

Recognise and jointly assume the main difficulties.

From the Relationship Coaching methodology an intervention is hosted for couples.

We part from the basis that neither member defines the relationship, that it is defined by the space between them, and that the couple creates with all their life lessons and experiences, and with all they offer and contribute to the relationship.

Certain roles are established and a space is defined where, with or without cohabiting, both members can grow and develop at all levels, in the best place in the world to get to know each other, that is, with the opportunity se see themselves reflected in the other.

The identification of a hierarchical order of the main values, both individual and common project, enables, facilitates and conditions, to a large extent, the viability and success of establishing a healthy and emotionally independent relationship. Consequently, many attitudes and behaviour derived from this previous selection are accepted as foreseeable, valid and familiar to both.

The conclusion we come to from all of this leads us to consider the need to create a methodology that encourages clear and respectful communication, based on the development of a series of communicative abilities. This methodology also highlights the need to work trust, security, encouraging of individuality and acceptance of each of the members so as not to succumb to the expectations of the other, as a result forgetting oneself and accepting, tacitly, a relationship of power.

The adequate and meditated conciliation of the professional and personal life of each member of the couple influences in a very positive way in the majority of cases in a good functioning of the relationship.
In summary, all of this is fundamental for a successful viability of life in a relationship and to minimise conflictive situations that can lead to estrangement o future breakup.
The idea is to encourage healthy relationships by means of communication with a Co-Razón to Co-Razón language


La importancia de una autoestima sana

El éxito en una relación de pareja, comienza con el amor a uno mismo, y con una buena autoestima. ¿Como se demuestra?

  • Con el cuidado y respeto a uno mismo
  • Con el cuidado de los vínculos familiares y amistosos
  • Con la atención a los detalles

En ausencia de una buena autoestima, se pueden evidenciar comportamientos y conductas narcisistas, hasta una relación de co-dependencia.