María José Portas

Coaching Co-Razón

As the founder of Coaching Co-Razón, my key principle is to implicate myself from a quality and professional perspective. I consider myself a vocational Coach, committed with the idea of attaining excellence in the work I carry out, just like you deserve. Coaching is for me a philosophy of life, not only a tool, for which I feel a true passion. I emphasize the importance of honesty as a fundamental part of my own identity. I would like to accompany you in this journey to self-discovery, a journey full of small and big steps; you decide. You are 100% responsible of your life project in all aspects, you are the one who chooses and decides how and when to be in charge of your life, taking responsibility of the direction and the plan of action in each session, asking yourself if the coordinates that at some point in your life you have programmed on your GPS are still updated, or if since that time you have decided to take a different path. The vital importance of learning to unlearn during these coaching sessions means that you will be able to assess different possibilities and action alternatives that you may have not decided to take into account before. In this way you will be able to attain unexpected achievements as you will know you are able to face and surpass daily challenges. All of this from a perspective that enables you to consider yourself worthy of listening to yourself from with the Co-Razón (intention, engagement, discipline and heart).


My aim is for the benefits to go both ways at all levels; both between the professionals that will form part of this project, and for the coach and coachee/s.

For families, the aim is to reinforce family connections, to enable each member to improve cohabitation (family education module).

For adolescents: accompanying them in the planning of homework and extracurricular activities, favouring the development of autonomy, task prioritisation, and time management.

For partners: attaining and improvement in interpersonal relationships by combining and clarifying the basic and additional values the cohabitation project supports itself, and the conciliation between this and the professional project, should there be one, for each of the partners.

For businesses: to optimize resources bringing together the different existing talents and wisdom, in order to form high performance teams, with an emotional leadership within a sustainable project, whilst improving efficiency and welfare.

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Consulting, Communication and Results

A multi-discipline team of professionals from the coaching field, teaching, psychology, legal profession, conflict arbitration with the family unit (separations, custody, visiting schedules, amongst others). All this forms a specialist and cooperative group, with ample training and experience, also in diverse business projects and start-ups.

We facilitate and accompany

Change processes, of personal and professional improvement in the educational, relationship and business fields, creating a space where communication using the Co-Razón language is possible, and with each member being the best example of self-improvement: to be the best version of oneself, from self-knowledge and authenticity, expressing all talents, creativity and potential.

We promote

Different learning styles paying attention to the needs of the pupils and taking into account the development of multiple intelligences, as well as the detection of talented and gifted students during the teaching-learning process.

We encourage

Vocational orientation combining the student’s skills and talents with the qualities and achievements of the professional field. We foment settings where the ease of communication in a respectful manner will be the main objective. We will dedicate ourselves to actively listening and formulating powerful questions that will help you find answers.

We promote

Leadership, training and developing of human resources in job innovation and creativity, in order for ideas to come forward that will rebound to cover all the businesses needs in a more pro-active and intelligent manner, thus favouring the most people possible, both within and outside of the professional and work environment. We will accompany from an individual and respectful stand point, no judging, no advising, no interpreting.

We are totally convinced that the main resource a business has are its human resources, and from this premise we will offer all our experiences, learning integration through overcoming failures and errors, loss of fear of reinventing ourselves, and the possibility of being successful combining our passion and turning it into a way of life within a sustainable business project.

We will also share with you our knowledge and know-how of the reality regards businesses thus providing a mentoring and enabling self-leadership to managers and administrators, and to all members of your organisation / business / project, encouraging the promotion and development of talent, building high efficiency teams within the organisational structure of small and medium sized businesses and family businesses (generational shift and conciliation of family and professional life)

Our field of action is on a national level (Spain) and northern Portugal.