Coacing Co-Razón relies on the CCR methodology that unites the emotional side (heart-reason) and the rational side (reason-heart) of the coachee/s, where the coach focuses their actions in obtaining the maximum personal and professional development of the people (on an individual or group level)

It is based on three principles: Know Yourself, Communicate, Socialise

1. Know Yourself

Develop a greater self-knowledge

2. Communicate

Improve the identification and expression of your feelings, thoughts, needs, hopes, wishes. Transmit in a peaceful, serene, clear and personal way what you wish to share.

3. Socialise

Promote a greater capacity of relationship and social abilities within a group of friends / work team, thus enabling better results on a physical, emotional and economic level, building loyalty by encouraging people to take part and involve themselves in this project, feeling a part of Co-Razón.

With the complete responsibility on the coachee in the decision making towards the desired goal, we will accompany in the design of the specific plan of action, that is realistic, viable and coherent.

imagen metasWe cannot change the external circumstances, we are only responsible of the attitude we show and how we confront them. This is what will decide if we obtain one or another result. Therefore, there is a direct co-relation between the way in which we react to what happens to us and the infinite results obtained from these variables. Understanding the definition of pro-activity, as a precursor to change, a different attitude (not impassive or complaining) in the face of what is happening to us, considering all the possible solutions available and ways of moving forward, with all that life has to offer us.

We hold within ourselves the resources that we can further and better develop that will enable us to have a better quality of life and of relationships.
imagen relaciones humanas

imagen dianaWe are so absorbed in our daily routine, and in what we have done to date or what has happened to us, that many times we do not feel worthy of obtaining and allowing the entry of positive changes to our lives. Losing the fear of success based on some negative experiences from the past, telling us, above all, that “where there is darkness, there is also light”.

Our methodology combines avant-garde training, ontological coaching, co-active, communicative, creative, generative, educational, relationship and organizational.

Coaching Co-Razón stands on three main pillars of action: Know Yourself, Communicate, Socialise, combined with the methodology of the Emotional Intelligence, the Multiple Intelligences, the PNL, Non-Violent Communication, and the management of healthy relationships and affective ties (equity, equality and individuality). All this framed within Consulting, Communication and Results to offer a service in the educational-family, relationship-partners and organizational-business areas.

By means of the central competences of coaching, I actively listen to the coachee, so that they may clarify and secularize their objectives within the plan of action.

What do you feel you should do from now on?

I will accompany you in exploring the different areas:

Family, Professional and Personal, analysing the weight each has in your life, the time dedicated to each, the existing connections between what you need and what you are getting, the coherence between the known and the accomplished, and the interrelation between all of them. A vision and general analysis of what is currently emerging in your life. This will make you reflect and anticipate possible avoidable consequences if you decide to leave your comfort zone and introduce changes in your life. What do you feel you should do from now on? What do you feel you should stop doing or consider doing differently to obtain different results?