Family Coaching Co-Razón

Educational and Family Coaching

“There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots; the other, wings”

W. Hodding Carter II

Respect for people, minors and adults, begins with listening when we create contexts that allow free expression or communication regarding their needs, what they want and what they feel. It is then we can exercise the right of reciprocity regarding respect.

Coaching Co-Razón in its educational and family area is based on the importance of:

The detection of the values that move us in the different stages and cycles of life, as well as the connection between these in the face of our behaviour and how we stand in the world. All of this, without forgetting all the changes on technological and social levels that are happening around us, and the effects they have on our behaviour and reactions.

How the weight inter-generational beliefs affects our day-to-day.

The obstacles and difficulties arising in communication.

Discovering where we can improve our relationships and interactions with others.

What do we say to ourselves? How do we feel? What are we achieving? What do we want to change? What do we mean by what we are saying? What are we saying by what we don’t say?